Moving Forward: DC Design


What is Design?  Is it the architecture of a building?  The layout of a website?  The shape of a teapot or love seat adorning a modern condo?

Design is all of those things and more.  It is the seat belt, designed to keep you from flying through the windshield in an accident.  It is the “hook and pulley” system that old buildings in Amsterdam use to get furniture upstairs because the buildings are too thin and tall.  It is the carefully crafted UI design you experience when you visit a website that seems intuitive and easy to use.

But design doesn’t stop with physical objects.  The laws passed in government, the rules set up for markets, the education you received are all designed to achieve a specific goal. Design is the process of analyzing a problem and then crafting a solution.  Human-centered design, however, takes a deeper approach.  DC Design, in addition to designing industrial products, we work with people in all aspects of society to help them solve challenges and improve their quality of life, collaboratively and inclusively.  

The human-centered design approach crowdsources creativity, tapping into the amazing potential of human beings to come up with solutions that address any challenge.  Facilitating a hands-on approach, DC Design not only guides groups of people through the process, but teaches participants design thinking, creating a ripple of creativity and purpose that spreads globally. 

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In the business community we help large organizations find people-oriented solutions that improve productivity and worker performance, which leads to higher profits.  Large companies often have entrenched rigid structures which we help examine, showing how subtle changes can produce drastically different results.  We tap into employees from all levels, using their experiences with the company to come up with intuitive and logical ideas that lead to truly innovative solutions.  

In the nonprofit sector we make the most of scarce resources to help organizations do more than they thought possible.  Enhancing donor relationships, understanding the communities needs, and ultimately maximizing impact are our end goals.

We are looking to positively effect our community with design thinking and that can only be done with your help.  We are looking to our local communities in the Bay Area struggling with modern day challenges that affect health and living situations.

If you know of  a community in need of help, a business that could could be operating more efficiently, or a product idea that you think will change the world, send us an email and let’s talk.  After all, world-changing innovations start with a conversation.