Our consulting services are aimed at helping organizations make a lasting positive impact in the world. We help guide organizations from the beginning applications of the design thinking process though to the production of the end product or service that serves their key demographic. We provide access to incredibly talented individuals well versed in the design process who also have invaluable experience working on complex problems. Our role is both personal and strategic offering direct guidance and assistance to key stakeholders while also providing frameworks to enable organizations to succeed.

Who We Work With

DC Design works with clients who are curious, socially minded, and interested in co-creating solutions alongside experts and the stakeholders they aim to serve. The clients we work with embrace complexity, don’t shy away from solving difficult problems, and most of all stand committed to making the world a more just, healthy, prosperous and equal place. The values we seek in our clients align with DC Design’s guiding principles:

  • Empathy: designing from a place of compassion
  • Inclusivity: created by the end users, representative of everyone, not just a select group of designers
  • Co-creation: collaborative process of creating, not solitary
  • Scale: solutions that have the ability to impact broadly, can be adaptive and scale up
  • Community: addressing community-based problems; solving problems in your own world/faced by people you care about or serve.
  • The Process: the process is as integral as the outcome
  • Action: Doing, not just thinking.

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