Human-Centered Design

Social problems are complex. They cannot be solved overnight. That’s why we believe that meaningful design occurs out of co-creation, working together to find the solution rather than a top-down approach.

Our process enables the end-users to be a part of the brainstorm, iteration, and experimentation that goes into building a new model, product, or service.

  • Empathy: designing from a place of compassion

  • Inclusivity: created by the end users, representative of everyone, not just a select group of designers

  • Co-creation: collaborative process of creating, not solitary

  • Scale: solutions that have the ability to impact numerous communities, can be adaptive and scale up

  • Community: addressing community-based problems; solving problems in your own world / faced by people you care about or serve

  • The Process: the process is as integral as the outcome

  • Action: doing, not just thinking.

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